Sep 15 2011

While many industries in Australia are facing serious challenges due to the GFC, some player in the digital media industry are still soing very well. Jetplace is no exception – we’ve just increased with new developers and marketing staff, last year was our second best on record, and we’re about to top it off again this year.

Our team at Jetplace is now 12 people strong and shows no sign of slowing down. This number doesn’t include our valued affiliates, event partners and outsource staff who their own teams, all over Australia, Europe & the US.

So, how have we managed to avoid the decline and continue to grow? It’s no secret – Efficiency and hard work combined with our cutting edge technology, it’s our products that are second to none. We have also expanded our product range to include some mobile publishing Apps.

Sep 12 2011 launches its latest television campaign entitled “Welcome to the party”.

This campaign provided immediate results with Redhotpie rocketing to the Number 2 position in web rankings for the dating category (, and a very impressive 39th position overall. In the dating category,’s 2nd position sees it only headed by the long established